Barefoot Lucky Pot O’ Gold Jellies

Lucky Pot O’ Gold Jellies

These magical jellies will be the highlight of your St. Paddy’s Day! Plus, they’re...

Scrummy Gummies

Sweet tooth? We have a deliciously sweet way of enjoying your favourite Barefoot… now in...

Easy Breezy Merlot Cheesecake

Who wants a piece of our easy-peasy Merlot Cheesecake? It’s super easy and will impress...
Berfoot Merlot chocolate tart

Merlot Chocolate Pudding Pie

This Merlot Chocolate Pudding Pie from Show Me the Yummy will put you in a festive mode!...

Foot-tastic Blueberry & Barefoot Pancakes

Foot-tastic Blueberry & Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon Pancakes

One-Pot Pasta with Pancetta & Peas

From Italy to your kitchen - impress your guests with our simple One Pot Pasta with...

Barefoot Beef Stew

Winter calls for comfort food like this Barefoot Beef Stew.

Salmon Ceviche

A delicious and light dish that is easy to make and TOEtally tasty!

BBQ Chicken à la Moscato

An easy BBQ chicken recipe that’s perfect for outdoor get-togethers with friends and...

Barefoot Smoky Chili

This delicious slightly smoky, slightly spicy chili recipe makes a hearty meal that is...

Barefoot Moscato Wine Cake

A deliciously sweet treat!

Barefoot Moscato Blueberry Popsicles

Who doesn't love a posicle? Try these Barefoot Moscato Blueberry Pops!

Barefoot Merlot Hot Fudge Sauce

Wine and chocolate make up the most perfect pairing and if you’ve never attempted hot...

Cheeky Chocolate Brownies

What do you do when you have half a bottle of Barefoot Merlot leftover? You use it to...