Our Wine

There’s something to suit all tastes in our superb selection of white wines. We have five different types of white wine to choose from, so whether you like a sweet wine, a dry wine, or something in between, we have something that is perfect for you.

What’s your tipple? If you like your white wines on the dry side, step forward Pinot Grigio! This is a cracking taste combination involving citrus and green apple flavours. Crisp, refreshing and tangy, it’s great on summer evenings but also an all-year round wine.

Chardonnay is more of a medium-bodied type of white wine, with hints of honey and peach, and glorious scents of sweet vanilla. Sauvignon Blanc bursts with summer fruit flavours - honeydew melon, pear and nectarine - and is deliciously fresh.

Moscato offers something quite different to the others. It is one of the sweetest types of white wine and can be used as a dessert wine, served with the last course of dinner. However, it also stands up well to spicy food.

White wines pair brilliantly with a range of food but perhaps best with fresh white fish, seafood and salmon; chicken; and creamier pasta dishes. Try serving white wine with linguine and prawns - you can thank us later!

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