Barefoot wine Merlot

One of the most popular varieties of red grape, Merlot is a smooth, easy drinking beauty of a wine. Barefoot Merlot Wine is one of our finest; an award-winning combination that complements a wide range of foods but is also big enough and bold enough to stand on its own as a bit of a show-stopper.


First, the flavours. Merlot Red Wine is rich, dark and full-bodied - drinkers love its taste of black cherry, plum and even gloriously delicate suggestion of chocolate. You might also detect smoky vanilla oak. It doesn’t hold back, so you get a deep and satisfying glow with every sip. It’s like getting the perfect warm embrace on a chilly night. Indeed, a bottle of Merlot wine, an autumnal evening and a welcoming log fire is an irresistible proposition.

Now for the food. Merlot Wine is a wonderful partner for almost any meal. It goes particularly well when served alongside Italian cuisine - working superbly with tomato-based sauces - and hearty stews, casseroles and roast dinners. Serve it with steak or beef wellington at a dinner party and you might just find that your guests take their time in going home!

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