Barefoot Malbec Wine

Our Barefoot Malbec is well known as a plush red wine of epic proportions. Wait - did we say epic? We did! Now, we know that’s a big claim but we’re confident that our Malbec lives up to expectations, and then some. Why not give it a try and tell us what you think?


Malbec is a high quality red wine that’s ideal for opening with a triumphant flourish when you are entertaining friends and family for a special occasion, celebratory dinner or even an intimate supper. But it’s affordable too, so this is an excellent choice. It’s a full-bodied wine, so it stands up on its own, but of course, it also complements a range of foods.

Malbec red wine is perfect with heavier foods and great with meat; slow-cooked beef, pork shoulder and lamb. Picture a rich, succulent beef bourguignon bubbling away on the hob or in the oven, and a decanted bottle of Malbec just waiting for its moment…. beautiful!

The flavours of a Malbec include blackberry, blackcurrant, vanilla, caramel and even toasted oak. Pour a generous amount into your glass, give it a gentle swirl to allow it to unleash those big flavours, and enjoy this smooth-tasting, luxurious red wine.

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