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At Barefoot, we think that wine is that bit more fun with a touch of fizz and sparkle - and our bubbly will set any evening off in style!

Big birthday, special anniversary, new job celebration, a family get together or an evening with friends - there’s always a good time to pop open a bottle of bubbly, isn’t there? (I will need to run this one by compliance) Sometimes, you don’t even need a reason at all! Uncork it carefully, listen to that glorious pop and fizz, pour into flutes, and raise a toast before taking that first, gorgeous sip. Fan-bubbly-tastic!

We’ve got a couple of absolute crackers for you in our bubbly range. Our Bubbly Pink Moscato Wine is sweet and delicious, bursting with notes of berries and cherries, and other juicy fruits. Serve it as soon as your guests arrive through the door for the perfect addition to your party.

If you like a good Pinot but want to be more adventurous, try our Bubbly Pinot Grigio Wine. It’s got all the best bits of a classic Pinot - fresh-tasting, citrus and zesty - but with the added bonus of bubbles! It’s perfect served chilled on its own or as a sidekick to fruity nibbles and snacks. You can also add a drop of something fruity to make mimosas which are always a hit at brunch!

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