On your way to a date, need to impress your boss or about to have a royal meeting with The Queen? There may come a time where you’ll need to spruce up and be all fancy. Knowing how to hold a wine glass the classy way could be essential in these situations. This is why we thought it’s about time we helped you out and taught you the proper way to hold a wine glass.

There are a few ways to enjoy the grape but the trick is to have as little contact with the glass as physically possible without spilling anything. The best way to do this without looking ridiculous is to hold the middle of the stem of the wine glass between your thumb, index and middle finger. This will give you enough stability to swirl your way to wine happiness.

Another way to hold a wine glass correctly is to pinch the stem of the glass using your thumb and index finger just above the base. This will leave the rest of your fingers to act as a little shelf holding the base of the glass upright. Just remember to never hold the bowl, that’s a social faux pas.

There’s a certain level of science behind it too, when you hold the bowl of the glass your hands will warm up the wine, altering the taste, especially when drinking white or pink wine, which is best served chilled. Also, touching the bowl leaves visible fingerprints all over the glass. This is why holding by the stem is much more debonair, darling.

However you hold your glass, whether that be by the stem, base or bowl, we won’t judge you, just remember to enjoy your company as much as you enjoy the wine.

Nov 11, 2019