White Zinfandel Can

Deliciously fruity and refreshing, your favourite White Zinfandel wine from Barefoot now comes in a convenient new form. We’ve made it easy to enjoy your treat of choice, with 250ml of refreshing White Zinfandel in a single lightweight can. Whether you’re heading to a family BBQ or celebrating at a party, our scrumptious canned rosé is sure to go down a treat. 

White Zinfandel Can

It may have a new look, but you can expect the same crisp taste and delightful flavours from our White Zinfandel cans. Convenient and recyclable, these cans of wine are a welcome addition to any celebration. Sip this tipple straight from the container and enjoy the subtle minerality it brings to your palate.

If you aren’t familiar with Barefoot’s White Zinfandel rosé, you’re in for a treat. Each sip introduces the perfect blend of jammy strawberries, citrus aromatics and juicy red fruit to your taste buds.

Enjoy the crisp taste as part of an al fresco dinner in summer, soaking up the sunshine as you dine. When the colder weather takes hold, curl up by the fire and enjoy the fruity flavours with a cosy night in. The perfect accompaniment to seafood and chicken dishes, White Zinfandel adds a hint of floral flavour to meals.

You don’t have to worry about replacing your bottles with an unsustainable product, either. The canned versions of our beloved White Zinfandel wine are eco-friendly, so you can throw the empties in the recycling at the end of your celebrations with peace of mind.

Stamped with the famous Barefoot logo and incorporating gorgeous pink colours, our cans are designed to be stylish. Nobody wants to blend in at an event, so why should your choice of drink be any different? You certainly won’t be out of place at a dinner party with this choice of tipple, and it’ll be a welcome addition during those hot summer heatwaves.

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