Pinot Grigio Can

Barefoot Pinot Grigio Wine

Say hello to Barefoot’s brand new refreshing Pinot Grigio cans. Whether you’re enjoying a springtime picnic or getting cosy indoors during winter, our 250ml cans of wine are a fabulous way to savour the moment with your loved ones.

Pinot Grigio Can

Discover the clean finish and elegant flavours of our popular Pinot Grigio in a new convenient can form. You get the same famous taste of this crisp white wine in a more portable form, making it easy to pack before heading to a party. With its trendy sunny yellow design and famous Barefoot logo, it won’t look out of place on the dinner table, either.

Expect a burst of flavour with every mouthful, including tart green apple, soft white peach and an elegant note of floral blooms. These qualities combine to form an elegantly crisp and revitalising drink, with grapes harvested at optimum ripeness from some of the best vines in California. This includes the beautifully warm destination of Clarksburg, Lodi and surrounding areas of the Central Valley, which have the ideal conditions for a delicious Pinot Grigio.

Barefoot’s Pinot Grigio is the ultimate accompaniment to a myriad of delicious dishes, complementing seafood, chicken and pasta dishes perfectly. Tuck into some white sauce pasta topped with a mild cheese and wash it down with a sip of this crisp wine as part of a wonderful dining experience. Not only does it introduce bold new flavours, it also brings out the best of your cuisine of choice.

With a zesty citrus taste reminiscent of a bright summer’s day, it’s the perfect addition to dinners and celebrations whatever the weather. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting a sustainable alternative to bottled wine, as our canned packaging is also recyclable.

No matter what you’re celebrating, enhance the moment with the addition of Barefoot’s bold and bright canned Pinot Grigio.

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